Grab your instruments...

...and play the best Campfire songs at the Official Campfire Venue of the Island of Freedom!

Application deadline: 31 March

As a very popular venue, a huge campfire will be built again at the Island of Freedom! However, a great campfire needs great musicians and also a singing crowd! So, we are looking for the most talented campfire musicians to entertain our melody-loving Szitizens! If you are the world’s most irresistible street musician, or if you just like to jam out on some classics under the shower and would like to perform at an intimate, cozy location at one of the biggest festivals, you are at the right place! Read on!

Who can apply?

We’re looking for unplugged/acoustic productions

We will provide the necessary PA, you just need to bring your instrument

Solo artists, duos and bands with up to 3 members

Masters of well known covers and those who are able to evoke a traditional campfire mood (meaning: playing songs that a lot of people can sing along too)

Your set should be 1 hour long

Winners from 2017

How can you apply?

  • Record a video of you/ your band playing unplugged 1 full song/mash-up from an artist/band
  • Upload it to YouTube with the title: SZIGET Campfire 2018
  • Apply via our application form that you find below

Useful info

  • We will provide the musician(s) a 7 days pass to the festival, camping possibilities, but please note that there is no additional fee
  • We will provide the necessary PA, you just need to bring your instrument
  • In case your video doesn’t match all the criteria it won’t be published on our voting page
  • We will provide a basic PA at the location (Don’t expect a stadium rock show, it’s really a campfire venue!)
  • The campfire music project will be held throughout 7 days for 3 hours daily
  • The organizers reserve the right to make changes to program
  • In case you have any questions or problems regarding the application, please drop us an email to

How to make your video?

  • Choose a band/artist. Make a good quality cover video of one of their songs
  • Please make live recording and don’t overdub the video
  • If you record it by smartphone please do it horizontally
  • The resolution of the video should be at least 720p
  • We strongly recommend going outside to a nice public place, so we can already see the campfire atmosphere you’re creating. Just take care of background noises, so we clearly hear your amazing performance and not just the wind blowing :)
  • When you play in public, we advise you to show your audience why you are playing your music! Let everyone know that you are applying to be a Sziget Campfire musician! For this we prepared a small artwork for you! Click here to download and then you only need to print it!

Picking the best

  • All videos meeting all criteria of this tender will be posted on this website
  • 11 groups will be chosen by a jury of Sziget
  • There will be a voting period of 7 days via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram between 7th and 14th April 2018
  • The artists with the most likes on their videos will have the chance to perform at this year’s Sziget festival
  • The organizer will get in touch with the winners via email till 1st of June to discuss the details of the performance